SCULPTOR LASH in "Bratislava Hotel"

From 1st to 5th of April, "Bratislava" hotel hosts the famous championship and congress of professionals "SCULPTOR LASH"!

From 1st to 3rd of April, a grandiose event took place in our hotel - The International championship of modeling sight "SCULPTOR LASH"! For several years this competition has been held in different cities of Ukraine, but the five-year anniversary of the championship was in Kiev, within the walls of “Bratislava” hotel!

The championship "SCULPTOR LASH" is the largest similar event in our country, and also one of the best in the near abroad countries. Here the best masters of their craft, as well as professional judges from different countries!

And tomorrow, from April 4th , in the conference hall "Auditorium", will starts a cult event in the Lash and Brow industry - The Congress for masters of the beauty industry "SCULPTOR LASH"! It`s a unique opportunity to gain experience from the best experts, and also useful and interesting acquaintances!

We are always glad to see you in hospitable and comfortable “Bratislava” hotel complex !


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