NLP-PRACTICE from Alunika Dobrovolskaya

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from October 28-31, 2017 in the comfortable conference hall "Congress", located on the 2nd floor of the Bratislava hotel, from Alunika Dobrovolskaya, will be held NLP-PRACTICE "Ready for Money" (Ready for money, stop pass and start to grow rich)

The hotel complex "Bratislava" hosts the founder, the main speaker of the project of traveling training intensities "Travel Education", a consultant of successful people, a master of neurolinguistics, a psychotechnologist - Alunik Dobrovolsky and Alexander Gerasimov with a new project of NLP practice - "ready for money, stop pass and start to grow rich. "

The program of the course reveals such human capabilities as: creating trust in achieving the desired, creating motivation for trance and hypnotic guidance in NLP, in life and in business, working with a personal life line, language magic, personality integration.


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