Special offer for participants of Euro Dog Show 2017!

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We welcome in walls of our complex participants Euro Dog Show 2017!

For you in our hotel there is a special offer* for four-legged friends. We are happy to provide comfortable conditions for placing your pets weighing up to 20 kg, subject to the following rules:

  • accommodation of guests with pets is possible only in standard rooms for an additional fee according to hotel rates;
  • guest should show the veterinary passport with marks about an animal's state of health in the current year;
  • the pet owner is obligated to ensure the safety of other hotel guests from the action of his own pet, as well as peace and quiet;
  • guest is obliged to use his own special rug or his own special cage/carrying cage for keeping a pet;;
  • strictly prohibited to move the animal freely without a muzzle and leash in the common areas - the halls and corridors of the hotel. An animal may be without a leash and muzzle only within the room in where the Guest lives;
  • tntrance with pets in the restaurant, bar area and other common areas - is strictly prohibited;
  • walking of animals on the lawns and adjacent territories of the Hotel - is strictly prohibited;
  • For feeding only special utensils that are the property of Guest can be used. Feeding pets with dishes belonging to the Hotel is categorically forbidden;
  • It is forbidden to bathe pets in shower cabins, hotel bathrooms, and use towels, sheets and other bedding belonging to the Hotel. It is forbidden to comb the animals in the rooms and halls of the hotel
  • * Special offer is valid until 31.08.2017.

    And also you can order a comfort transfer from the airports of Borispol and Zhulyany or railway station.

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    Also these special conditions are valid when booking room or ordering transfer by phone: +380 44 537 39 75(74)

    We are looking forward to see you at Bratislava Hotel!


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