Brown Bar Bratislava is preparing for opening!

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Everyone knows that one of components of the evolutionary theory of Darwin is the principle of heredity and variability. And аlready few years the Brown Bar of Bratislava hotel complex demonstrates this theory in action! Every year we improve, change, come up with something new, become better, but at the same time we preserve the traditions of the long history of "Bratislava"!

Have you already waited for the spring heat, the sun and pleasant gatherings in the open air? We are - yes! Our summer terrace Brown Bar Bratislava is already in full preparation for the opening, to please you with novelties, a cozy atmosphere and a good mood!

This year, specially for you, we have prepared novelties for menu, bar, interior, as well as numerous promotional offers! Intrigued? smile

Come to us on our cozy terrace and see how become better for you!

The long-awaited opening of Brown Bar Bratislava will be held on April 27!


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